IoT Development

The Internet of Everything (IoT) has the potential to disrupt every business domain by offering advanced ways to connect, collaborate, and automate. RMITech strives to be your modern-day technology partner by offering advanced technological solutions in IoT. IoT creates an interconnected network across home/organization/factory, combining various devices and platforms to automate the processes, thereby reducing time and money.

RMITech’s modern, smart, and adaptable IoT solutions help you achieve high performance, increased connectivity, operational efficiency, and security. Our versatile and multi-faceted development experience in cloud, analytics, and sensor technologies make it easy for us to develop customized, scalable, and connected IoT ecosystem.

We build, deploy and maintain comprehensive Internet of Things solutions that accelerate the speed of real-time data transfer, reduce errors, eliminate manual tasks, automate redundant processes, and ensure accurate, apt, data-driven flow across the organization.

A Leading Internet of Things (IoT) Company

RMITech deals with a range of IoT solutions across different sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, smart homes & cities, and retail. RMITech has a dedicated team of IoT experts with the necessary skills and knowledge of tools to help you set up an IoT ecosystem.

Custom, Connected, And Data-Driven IoT Solutions For Different Sectors

  • Smart Homes

Gain more control and comfort at your fingertips by connecting devices and objects over a network for more accurate and data-driven results. We build IoT applications to create a smart environment using our hands-on experience in embedded technologies, machine learning algorithms, and analytics.


  • IoT In Healthcare


IoT in healthcare offers great benefits for patients, physicians, hospitals, insurance companies through improved care, data management, remote monitoring, predictive analytics, and wearable devices. We develop customized, advanced, and future-ready digital solutions leveraging the power of IoT.


  • IoT In Manufacturing


IoT in manufacturing, popularly known as Industrial IoT combines benefits of data analytics and machine-to-machine communication to automate production, maintenance, and dataflow. We develop solutions that improve overall performance and efficiency and reduce the chances of failure.


  • IoT In Retail


Enhance customer experience and engagement by deploying IoT solutions to optimize the supply chain along with beacons and smart shopping experiences. Our IoT development experts aim to improve operational efficiencies and experiences with the help of connected, data-driven, and faster solutions.


  • IoT In Hospitality


By deploying smart and connected IoT solutions in schools, universities, libraries, hotels, hospitals, organizations can leverage real-time data monitoring and improve hospitality experience. We have the right skill set to deploy comprehensive IoT solutions to reduce costs and utilize energy more efficiently.


  • Proximity Based Solutions


Make the best use of relevant and timely data using IoT-enabled objects and communication technologies like BLE, NFC, and Beacons to create a new world of opportunities. We develop proximity marketing solutions using the latest technologies to create a new marketing ecosystem for your business.


Our IoT consultants have technical expertise in IoT technologies including wireless, network, communication protocols, firmware and middleware development, and web services to create end-to-end IoT applications.

Internet of Things Solutions

We connect with the organizations to implement successful IoT solutions, empowering them to make data-driven decisions, based on advanced analytics and connected devices.


Most Popular Use Cases Of IoT:

  • Asset tracking and monitoring
  • Employee tracking
  • Connected vehicles
  • Predictive and preventive maintenance
  • Inventory management using IoT
  • Wearable technologies
  • Proximity marketing solutions
  • Logistic and supply chain management
  • Product monitoring and management